Friends of Vicario Cinque express the brand’s spirit with their unique styles and ways of life. | Vicario Cinque
Friends of Vicario Cinque express the brand’s spirit with their unique styles and ways of life.

Friends of Vicario Cinque express the brand’s spirit with their unique styles and ways of life.

Real, real women who fully represent all the values ​​that our brand embodies.

The question was: “Who can embody our idea of living?”. We immediately thought of a few
women we consider special, perfect ambassadors of our lifestyle selection.
We have chosen real friends – some new ones, some others who have been with Vicario
Cinque since its very beginning – whom we consider extraordinary in their personality,
their joie de vivre, their smile, their positive outlook on life.
Authentic and real women, who fully represent our brand values. Simona, Claudia, Patrizia,
Milica, Michelangela, Stefania, Cristina
and Daniela have come together and gone along
with us on this special journey, helping us shape the idea of “home” we have in mind.
Scroll down this blog post and you will see pictures that appear to be straight out of a
family album. The main characters will tell us about their vision of life, being a woman, and
why they feel connected to our brand.
We wanted to approach outlooks of life that are suspended between roots and modernity,
between refinement and simplicity, between global and local.
Different lifestyles, but in full “Vicario Cinque” style.


Entrepreneur, wife, and mother – Patrizia is a cheerful and optimistic woman who loves a style that is simple and elegant at the same time.

My concept of femininity lies in simplicity: the spontaneity of a laugh, the ability to be moved by the beauty, the harmony of a dress that can enhance my character rather than hide it.


A fashion enthusiast since forever, Daniela takes care of the Vicario Cinque showroom in Brendola. Her bright and positive personality allows her to immediately connect with the people around her.

There are only a few things that make me happier than having friends over. Cooking for my guests is special to me, from the very start: the preparation of the table. I try to devote my taste and attention to this part.”


Brilliant and classy, Stefania is an entrepreneur in the financial field. When she manages to carve out moments for herself, she loves to read, have a walk, or travel.

The clothes I love are like good wine: you never get tired of them. I never liked “disposable” fashion: I love quality clothing, made with care and elegant, timeless designs.”


As optimistic and dazzling as the art of Jeff Koons. There is no better metaphor to describe the personality of Milica, who – not surprisingly – cherishes the American artist as one of his favorites. After moving to Italy from Serbia a few years ago, Milica worked in a tax consulting firm.

Fashion must reflect my personality. I love being a woman and I like to express my feminine side. That’s why my favorite item is the skirt: long or midi, it has the unique ability to be casual yet elegant, stylish yet practical.


Michelangela’s motto is “Insist, persist, achieve and conquer”: a quote that perfectly sums up her tenacious and determined personality. Digital Marketing Strategy consultant for companies in the fashion and luxury sector, she balances her work life with womanhood and motherhood.

Cooking for me is a source of joy and eating is pleasure that I always want to share with the people I love: my family and my friends, above all. My table has to be light, in all senses: easy to prepare, fresh to taste, and simple so as to make people feel comfortable. Nonetheless, I can’t give up on beautiful and chic details that give a well-kept result.”


The first thing you notice about Simona is her smile. A spontaneous smile that communicates freedom. Passionate about golf since an early age, she is today the director of a Golf Club in the province of Vicenza.

Although I spend most of my time outside, I really love my home where I mostly have close friends over for dinner or aperitif. The environment where I live must reflect my personality and my taste: colorful and rich in details that can add a personal touch to the decor. Plants are also important as they give the house a nicer and prettier look. Green is my favorite color after all!


Cristina’s motto is “life is like a mirror: it smiles back when you smile at it”. She works for the administrative department of Vicario Cinque, is married to the owner – Stefano Lora, is the mother of Mattia, but above she’s optimism galore.

I prefer casual and functional clothing, which I can freely embellish with the right accessory adding color and a touch of vibrance. In my wardrobe, the most popular item is the dress: fluid and wide – but not oversize – made of soft and comfortable fabrics (silk and linen in the summer, and wool and cashmere in the winter). A dress always makes me feel comfortable, while being elegant and feminine.


Arriving in Italy from Peru, Claudia carries with her all the energy and warmth of South America. With a past in fashion as a model and then in sales, she is today happily married to Christian and she is the mother of two sons.

“I like fashion, although I have never been a fashion addict: I pay attention to new trends, but I follow them exclusively if they complement my personal taste. My wardrobe is made of very minimal clothes – I love black and white very much – however, they must be perfect and of excellent workmanship.”

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