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Vicario Cinque

The timeless beauty of versatility

“Timeless lines, iconic fabrics, modern design. We make apparel to love and reinterpret, the embodiment of slow fashion.”


Vicario Cinque

We think of fashion as a form of expression.
This is why we love to enhance the image of women aware of their own femininity, elegance and uniqueness, and we love to do it for every occasion.
Since 2014, skilled hands and artisanal know-how have been creating the Vicario Cinque world, combining Made in Italy with effervescent inspiration with an international influence.

Our name

A name that is intimately linked to our land and a symbol that recalls visions and history. It’s simple: five is the street number of the historic residence in which the brand took its first steps, an Italian Villa of the 1300s, once the residence of the vicar. Therefore, Vicario Cinque takes its form, showcasing a logo composed of five dots (referencing the stitches of the sewing machine), five syllables, and a pictogram shortened in V5: Roman numeral and Arabic numeral, history and modernity, tradition and innovation. Representative binomials of our constantly-evolving manufacture.



  • 2015

    Founding of the brand
  • 2016

    Development of Italian distribution
  • 2017

    Launch in the Austrian market
  • 2018

    New logo
  • 2019

    Swiss and German market entry
  • 2019

    Milan showroom grand opening
  • 2020

    E-commerce launch
  • 2021

    New headquarters at Villa Piovene-Loira
  • 2021

    Entry into USA, Russia, Taiwan and Korea markets
  • 2022

    Dubai showroom grand opening
The woman

Feminine, elegant, dynamic. Vibrant!

It comes naturally to wear Vicario Cinque season after season.
We design up to date yet timeless styles. We create apparel with practical yet versatile lines. Add a single accessory, and you have a trendsetter look.
Vicario Cinque is you, who know how to reinterpret beauty and make it completely your own.

Essential sustainability

To us, sustainability means creating an ethical, pet-free and eco-friendly product. We do not use any animal-based material, choosing instead completely natural fabrics to reduce the environmental impact. We also work in a short, controlled, and strictly Made-in-Italy supply chain, thus guaranteeing a sustainable production that enhances the territory and its manufacturing heritage. The result is durable and irreplaceable garments to wear over time, no waste.


Living Vicario Cinque

Vicario Cinque conveys emotions through a home-decor collection inspired by the brand’s home: Villa Piovene-Lora. Fragrances, pottery and accessories made by skilled artisans that can create connections and sensations evocative of a place rich in history, art, and culture. We wished to communicate the project by means of a campaign whose main characters are the perfect testimonials of our joie de vivre; real women, special, modern, but- above all- true friends.
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Venetian tailoring legacy

We live and work in a place where luxury, tradition and craftsmanship flourish.
An area that is a muse celebrated for her elegant creativity and legendary quality.
It’s easy to be enchanted, letting yourself be inspired is a must. Our collections look to the future of the fashion world, never forgetting the value of hand craftsmanship.


Getting down to work... the splendid setting of Villa Piovene-Lora is pure inspiration.
Here aesthetics blend with functionality – Vicario Cinque’s headquarters is an environment geared towards the wellbeing of the team, with spaces designed to stimulate creativity and synergy between people and cutting edge technology, plus an enormous garden for sharing ideas and relaxing.